Royal Jelly for Optimum Health

In Asian culture, Royal Jelly is known as tonic to give feeling of vigor, well-being and immunity. Rich in vitamin and collagen, royal jelly is used to feed the queen bee. When the queen bee fed with the same food as the worker bees, its life span is just 7-8 weeks. However, the queen bee fed with royal jelly so that it could live for 5-7 years. Royal Jelly is also known for its efficacy to overcome tumor, especially sarcoma– a malignant tumor grow especially in bone and muscle tissue. Royalisin, anti-bacteria protein contained in Royal Jelly , is a potent agent to fight against some bacteria, include Streptococcus and Staphylococcus.

PT. VICA supply Royal Jelly with various concentration of 10-HAD, the active component in Royal Jelly, start from 3.5%. We also supply Deproteinized Royal Jelly which have very good solubility in water.

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