LIPOFER® – Tasteless and Non-Proxidative Source of Iron

Iron is an essential constituent of the body, being necessary for hemoglobin formation and for the oxidative processes of living tissues. Iron found in the body is either actively in use or in storage. The amount of iron in storage varies with individual conditions and dietary intake.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), iron deficiency is recognized as the most common and widespread nutritional disorder in the world. It affects a large number of children and women in developing countries and is the only nutrient deficiency still prevalent in industrialized countries.

Iron fortification is generally considered the best approach for preventing or eradicating iron deficiency; however the chemical reactivity of iron species and their affinity to various components of food systems often result in the generation of discoloration or objectionable flavors as well as in reduced bioavailability of the mineral.

Microencapsulation is currently considered the leading solution for overcoming these limitations via protecting sensitive nutrients and actives throughout processing of fortified foods as well as their shelf life.

Lipofer® is a water dispersible micronized source of iron that has been microencapsulated to enhance iron absorption and to reduce undesirable organoleptic attributes, thus enabling the enrichment of various types of foods and dietary supplements with this essential nutrient.

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