LIPOCAL™ – Highly Bioavailable Source of Calcium

There is a growing awareness of the importance of maintaining a high calcium intake throughout life, not just for bone health but also for the health of other body systems.

Calcium intake, particularly that during childhood, is a major determinant of bone mass in adults, and it also influences the rate of bone associated with aging. Osteoporosis, a disease affecting many millions of pople around the world, is characterized by bone fragility that over time leads to bone fracture.

In countries with a high incidence of osteoporotic fractures, a low calcium intake is associated with increased risk of fracture. Low dietary intake of calcium also is associated with higher risks of colon cancer and hypertension and may affect normal growth in children.

Although dairy products account for about 70% of dietary calcium, total calcium intake remains inadequate. This realization has led to the calcium fortification of an expanding number of foods. Particularly pressing is the need to ensure adequate calcium intakes for vegetarians and for those with milk aversions.

Lipocal™ is a water dispersible micronized source of calcium coated with lecithin. This unique delivery system increases calcium dispersibility and absorption, thus providing an easy enrichment of various types of foods, beverages and dietary supplements with this essential nutrient.

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