COLLACTIVE™ – Marine peptide for your beauty skin

Skin is the outermost layer of the body, where the skin is often exposed to many things, especially the sun. Accordingly, skin health is a big concern especially for women. In addition to the exposure, skin health is also dependent on the nutrients we get from food and supplements we consume as a complement.

If we look more detail, the skin consists of a protein as a binder, and the largest proportion of the protein is collagen (hydroxyproline). Collagen is produced in the form of fibers that compose himself with a few ways to meet a variety of specific functions. Here Collagen works with fibers of another protein called elastin, which gives elasticity to the skin. Both types of these fibers together determine the degree of flexibility and skin tone.

The differences between collagen and elastin, elastin fibers will makes a skin supple while combination of elastin and collagen that strengthens the fiber webs. The production of elastin and collagen fibers themselves will be reduced because of aging, so skin will loses their firmness and elasticity. When the skin becomes less elastic, skin also becomes drier, fatty tissue under the skin began to decrease, and the consequences the skin becomes saggy. Moreover, degradation of there two types of fibres is responsible for the appearance of wrinkle and skin ageing.

Because of elastin and collagen are in the dermis layer, so the skin care products we use should be able to get into the dermis layer and able to stimulate the formation of new collagen or elastin and capable to improving collagen structure.

diagram collagen

Figure 1. Diagram of collagen and elastin fibers

Collactive , composed of Marine collagen and elastin peptides having a similar composition to human dermis. Consists of collagen hydrolysate ( collagen Type I) from fish skin which responsible to improving the tensile strength of the skin and moisturizing agents. Where as the elastin component is a macro polymeric proteins responsible for elasticity.

Collactive has been tested in the studies was done in Fall-winter (harsh weather) to show the protective effect of Collactive ™ measure number and depth of wrinkles on Crow’s Feet. The result shown that Collactive could minimizes apparentlines and wrinkles on 28 days, protect againts harsh condition in winter (moisturizing effect) and moisturizing effect on the entire epidermis and on the superior and median layers of epidermis (in average +8%).

With a high level of digestibility, Collactive can be easily digested, Effective and beneficial to dose only (2 g / day).

Look beautiful without wrinkle and skin ageing? What are you waiting for?

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