Coenzyme Q10 for Your Heart & Skin

In Europe, Japan, and Israel, coenzyme Q10 (known as CoQ10) is a popular supplement aimed for treatment of various kinds of heart diseases. This substance consists of various antioxidant which naturally found in all human body’s cells and help heart to work efficiently at stress condition. Because of the crucial role of CoQ10 in energy cells formation process, this substance is essential to overcome fatigue and muscle weakness. Coenzyme Q10 has been proved to prevent skin aging ((Dikutip dari buku “Rahasia Panjang Umum” oleh Dr. Maoshing Ni, pakar pengobatan anti-penuaan Taois di Tao of Wellness Center di Los Angeles).

PT. VICA provides various types of CoQ10 which can suitable for your products, as follows:

  1. CoQ10 98% Powder for tablet, hard Capsule, Cosmetic, etc.
  2. CoQ10 10%-40% water soluble Powder for beverage, jelly, dairy, etc.
  3. CoQ10 10% emulsion for syrup, cosmetic, etc.
  4. CoQ10 26% MicroActive water dispersible powder with extended release and uniform absorption

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