NUTROXSUN™ – A natural formula to protect all your body from the sun

The sun can not be separated from human life. As we know, for people who have outdoor  activities, there will be more exposed to the light. However, we  never knew that people who have more activity in the room, also remain exposed to the sunlight. The rays are what we call the UV A and UV B. The two kinds of light are two types of rays can pass through clouds, clothes and even a glass up to infernal surface our skin.

UV A and UV B can’t be consider such a trivial things because it can damage our skin that can lead to the occurrence of sun spots, dry skin, photoaging, epidermal hyperplasia and thickening the stratum corneum, and UV B sun burn which results in the long term will lead to skin cancer.

Skin cancer has killed one person in 1 hour in the United States, and causes 90% of skin aging noticeable.

Topical sunscreen that we uses everyday is not enough to maintain the health of our skin. In addition to consuming foods that are highly nutritious, rich in protein, vitamins and minerals, we also have to compensate by consuming supplements that can maintain and help repair damaged skin cells.

NUTROXSUN, the best innovations from natural ingredients capable of maintaining the health of our skin. Contains of two natural ingredients are Citrus extract and extract rosemarry, works by inhibiting the formation of Radical Oxygen Species (ROS) in the skin, thus preventing the occurrence of damage, helps the synthesis of collagen, Prostaglandin Release and prevent photoaging in the body. Besides working as a Radical Oxygen Species Scavenging, Nutroxsun can also work as an anti-inflammatory and lipid peroxidation inhibition. (Mechanism in Figure 1).

mechanism of nutroxsunFigure 1. Mechanism of Nutroxsun

By consuming Nutroxsun, we don’t have need to apply the topical sunscreen for time to time a day, especially for who people with a very busy time this is could be more efficient. By taking a Nutroxsun, your skin will be protected from inside for all day long.

So, if you really care about the health of your skin, NUTROXSUN is the best solution for a healthy skin.

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